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          BCT Systems Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, has been committed to life technology. Our company leads innovation by the scientific concept of “Earlier, Preciser, Faster, Clearer, Easier” and injects life and intelligence to products.

          The Internet drug information service qualification certificate no. : (guangdong) - business - 2018-0060

          Guangdong ICP for 05042235

          ABOUT US

          BCT Systems Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology enterprise specializing in research and production of IVD reagents.
          We applied for the design patent of “human urine tester” and “pregnancy test kit” on Aug. 13th and Oct. 14th, 2003.

          We have invented the pregnancy test stick!


          Our main products include early pregnancy test strip, pregnancy test kit, pregnancy test box, contraceptive test strip (ovulation test strip) and various test products such as Aids, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, syphilis, SARS, helicobacter pylori, fecal occult blood, AFP, CEA, etc. The drug test kits such as heroin, cocaine, smokable methamphetamine, cannabis sativa, amphetamine, ecstasy, etc. are also available.
          Our company owns many design patents, registered trademarks including BCT, LADYLUCK, etc. and bar codes with proprietary intellectual property rights.

          By providing value to clients and benefit to the community,let's create a better tomorrow together

          Scientific ideas guide innovation,
          providing essence and practicality to products


          We continuously launch new products.
          The customization and large-scale contract production according to customer requirements are provided.
          Besides aluminum foil bags and packing box printing service, we also provide customized service
          by virtue of advanced engineering technology and a professional design team.
          We will sincerely serve you and develop together by complementing each other’s advantages.

          Earlier detection,quicker results,more accurate,clear and convenient


          Our company has been certified to EN ISO 13485:2003/AC:2009 and CE0123.
          Our products are sold well in China and exported to many countries and regions such as Germany, the USA, Canada, Spain, Turkey, Russia, South America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.

          World through collaboration and innovation

          LADYLUCK HOTLINE 0755-88848489

          BCT pregnancy test products have higher sensitivity than the foreign like products. Pregnancy can be tested after implantation of a fertilized ovum in the uterus for two days, i.e. about 7 days before menstruation.
          It’s good to know early pregnancy as one can make preparations for maintenance, drug abortion (within 7 weeks) or induced abortion.
          Moreover, it can bring less harm to the body and mind of women.

          With a genunie heart,we put bio-technology into practice

          CONTACT US

          Brand Advantages: We own decades of experience in medical research and more than ten design patents, have been engaged in the field of medical testing for about ten years and enjoy a good reputation in the industry.
          Professional Marketing Planning: We assist you in developing market, carry out accurate positioning and market segmentation and provide professional promotion and marketing programs.
          All-round Marketing Support: Whole process tracking and guidance, sales training, terminal promotion

          World throught collaboration and innovation

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